Thanks for supporting my kickstarter! As a producer of this project, I would like to get your feedback. Feel free to be as involved/detailed as you would like. I need to narrow this list down to 4-5 songs, and then improve them. These will be added to “Fanny Pack” for the final release. Use your imagination. These are just demos. Imagine what it could sound like performed well, recorded well, and making changes to the key, chords, melody, speed, lyrics, adding a verse or bridge, or some other instruments. Please don’t share these songs with other people. I am trusting you, as my producer. Some were recorded on guitar because that is what I had handy. Some of these are pretty bad, but might have potential.

New Songs, Never Recorded:

Old Popple songs that aren’t on current CDs, were recorded in my bedroom (not professionally), but I think could sound good on ukulele:


As you listen, please rate the song on a scale 1-10 (1 = I hope I never have to listen to this again, 10 = I could listen to this all day as-is) Then, give me any suggestions or thoughts. I can’t guarantee that I use every suggestion, but I will consider it. Send as a comment below or send me an email. Thanks again.