Podcast 010 – Annie Coakley – Biblical Fathers Game – Jon Leonetti

In this podcast:

Annie Coakley

A pre-father’s day episode as we talk with Anne Coakley about her remarkable husband and the #LiveLikePaul movement.

Jon Leonetti

Catholic speaker and radio host, Jon Leonetti will join us with a pep talk for all Catholic dads.

Kyle tests Andrea’s knowledge of the Bible with a brand new game.
And another message from Pope Francis.

Other Things From the Show:

St. Philip Neri Quote: When a person who has been living a spiritual life for a long time falls into a serious fault, there is no better way of raising him up again than by exhorting him to manifest his fall to any pious friend with whom he has a particular intimacy: and God will reconduct him to his first estate for the sake of his humility.

Pope Francis General Audience from Wednesday: What we can learn from the blind man.

General Audience: On the Blind Man’s Healing, and Ours

Prayer for Fathers
St. Joseph, guardian of Jesus and chaste husband of Mary, you passed your life in loving fulfillment of duty. You supported the holy family of Nazareth with the work of your hands. Kindly protect those who trustingly come to you. You know their aspirations, their hardships, their hopes. They look to you because they know you will understand and protect them. You too knew trial, labor and weariness. But amid the worries of material life your soul was full of deep peace and sang out in true joy through intimacy with God’s Son entrusted to you and with Mary, his tender Mother. Assure those you protect that they do not labor alone. Teach them to find Jesus near them and to watch over him faithfully as you have done.
-St. Pope John XXIII

Readings & Reflections: Don’t store your treasure on Earth, store it in heaven. For where your treasure is, so is your heart.

Follow of the Week: “This is also an expression of mercy: spreading beauty and joy in a world at times dark and sad.” -Pope Francis

Pope Francis on Wasting Time With Children:

“When I hear the confession of a young married man or woman, and they refer to their son or daughter, I ask, ‘How many children do you have?’ and they tell me. Maybe they’re expecting another question after that, but I always ask, ‘And tell me, do you play with your children? Do you waste time with your children?’ The free gift of a parent’s time is so important.”

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