Podcast 022 – Dr Andrew Mullally – Catholic FAQ Pope – Cory Heimann

In this podcast:

Dr Andrew Mullally Simon's Law

Dr Andrew Mullally talks about Simon’s Law and what it means for the parents of sick children.

Xavier Call

Surprise Call Wednesday with Xavier Serrani about baby stuff.

Cory Heimann TBG

Cory Heimann talks about Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

Other Things From the Show (not in the podcast):

Catholic FAQ: Why do Catholics have a Pope?

  • It is impossible to adequately cover this topic in the show, or this blog. Here are a few notes.
  • Scripture is clear that the apostles were special leaders.
  • It is also clear that Peter was the leader of the apostles.
  • Peter is the rock on which Jesus will build His church (Mt 16:18), is given the keys of the kingdom (Mt 16:19), oversees the election of Matthias (Acts 1:13-26), preaches the first apostolic sermon (Acts 2:14), performs the first apostolic miracle (Acts 3:6-7), excommunicates the first heretic (Acts 8:21), baptizes the first Gentile (Acts 10:44-46), presides over the first apostolic council (Acts 15:7), pronounces the first apostolic dogma (Acts 15:19), and much more! (from www.newsaintthomas.com)
  • From David B. Currie: “Catholics do not believe that the pope is perfect, or faultless, or sinless, or even necessarily good, holy, wise, or nice. … There is one thing, however, that no pope has ever done in all history, from Peter to the present day. No pope has ever taught heresy.” Buy his book: http://amzn.to/29hC1K0

Readings & Reflections: The apostles were an unlikely group of men, chosen to be leaders and teachers.

022 Joke

Joke of the Week:

One afternoon a little boy was playing outdoors.
He used his mother’s broom as a horse and had a wonderful time until it was getting dark.
He left the broom on the back porch.
His mother was cleaning up the kitchen when she realized that her broom was missing.
She asked the little boy about the broom and he told her where it was.
She then asked him to please go get it.
The little boy informed his mom that he was afraid of the dark and didn’t want to go out to get the broom.
His mother smiled and said ‘The Lord is out there too, don’t be afraid’.
The little boy opened the back door a little and said ‘Lord if you’re out there, hand me the broom’.


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