Podcast 071 – Dr Mullally HPV – Flavor of the Week Fr Kevin Bauman – Cate and Mark Forbing the Hours

In this podcast:

Dr Andrew Mullally HPV

Dr. Andrew Mullally from Credo Family Medicine joins us to talk about the HPV vaccine.

Fr Kevin Bauman - Flavor of the Week

We’ll have the latest Flavor of the Week with Fr. Kevin Baumann’s first thoughts on dark chocolate.

Cate and Mark

Cate and Mark Forbing will share their experience praying Liturgy of the Hours together as a couple.

Other Things From the Show (not in the podcast):

A Prayer for the Virtue of Respect

I genuflect before You Honorable Jesus, Respecting Your Will, Plan and Judgment! You overcame earthly evil temptations, Maintaining Self-respect to the end. Jesus, You are my code of conduct; I strive to comply with Your precepts. Teach me all I need to know about respect, Its mastery being my long-term objective. May this include learning to listen, Allowing others to share their opinions. May my respect towards other humans Truly reflect Your love towards all!

Does Mass Need to be Entertaining?: You missed our discussion on this article

Readings & Reflections: Trust God, even in the hard times

Scripture of the Week:

“But you, man of God, avoid all this. Instead, pursue righteousness, devotion, faith, love, patience, and gentleness.” -1 Timothy 6:11

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