Podcast 089 – Bishop Rhoades Election Preview – Dr Matt Bunson Catholic Radio – Cindy Black Redeemer Radio

In this podcast:

Bishop Kevin Rhoades Election

With the election right around the corner, we’ll share a portion of Bishop Rhoades’ talk on how to prepare to vote.

Dr Matthew Bunson Catholic Radio

Dr. Matthew Bunson sits down with me to talk about his many books, Catholic radio, and the future of Faithworks

Cindy Black Future of Catholic Radio

Cindy Black will join us for a look into the future, like, the year 2017 and beyond!

Other Things From the Show (not in the podcast):


God of Love,
I thank You for the people in my life
who are easy to love.
I thank You for my family and friends
who understand my actions,
who support me in my decisions,
and whose presence can lift the burden of a thorny day.
Help me with those who are difficult to love.
When they come at me with criticism
and wild expectations,
when they ignore me
or try to bend me to their will,
let me recognize their flaws and their dangers.
But then let me remember your attitude toward them,
and lead me to see them
in the light of Your love.

Must Read Monday: Importance of Catholic Radio

Scripture of the Week:

“… for everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”
Luke 18:14

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