Podcast 126 – Fr Jacob Meyer Christmas – Fr Terry Coonan Basketball – Andrew Ouellette Star Wars

In this podcast:

Fr Jacob Meyer Christmas

Fr. Jacob Meyer is back with some last minute tips for Christmas Prep as we hit the final stretch of advent.

Fr Terry Coonan Basketball

Fr. Terry Coonan, one of the all-stars from the Priest team will chat with us about the Cupertino Classic.

Andrew Ouellette will call in with a review of the recently released Rogue One Star Wars movie.

Other Things From the Show (not in the podcast):

Evangelization Challenge of the Day: Give a card to your priest (and maybe a gift or a treat)

Tribond Give Away: “Let My Soul Proclaim” from Out of Darkness

Catechism Quote of the Week: 

358 God created everything for man, but man in turn was created to serve and love God and to offer all creation back to him:

“What is it that is about to be created, that enjoys such honor? It is man that great and wonderful living creature, more precious in the eyes of God than all other creatures! For him the heavens and the earth, the sea and all the rest of creation exist. God attached so much importance to his salvation that he did not spare his own Son for the sake of man. Nor does he ever cease to work, trying every possible means, until he has raised man up to himself and made him sit at his right hand.” -St John Chrysostom

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