Podcast 130 – Kyles Spiritual New Years Resolutions – Bible Game – Andrew Ouellette Book Review Silence

In this podcast:

17 ways in 2017

Tis the season for New Years resolutions. We’ll take a look at 17 ways that you can grow in your faith during 2017.

Bible Game

We always like to have some fun while learning, so we’ll play a game to see how well we know the Bible.

Andrew Ouellette Silence

And Andrew Ouellette will give us a review on the perhaps controversial book and recent movie, “Silence”

Tribond Winners get: Matt Faley’s song, “Here I Am”

Catechism Paragraph of the Week:

359 “In reality it is only in the mystery of the Word made flesh that the mystery of man truly becomes clear.”

St. Paul tells us that the human race takes its origin from two men: Adam and Christ. . . The first man, Adam, he says, became a living soul, the last Adam a life-giving spirit. The first Adam was made by the last Adam, from whom he also received his soul, to give him life… The second Adam stamped his image on the first Adam when he created him. That is why he took on himself the role and the name of the first Adam, in order that he might not lose what he had made in his own image. The first Adam, the last Adam: the first had a beginning, the last knows no end. The last Adam is indeed the first; as he himself says: “I am the first and the last.”
-St. Peter Chrysologus


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