Podcast 194 – Chrism Masses Bishop Rhoades – About Holy Week – Questions with Fr Michael Kerper

In this podcast:

0:58 – I chatted with Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades about the upcoming Chrism Masses to find out what they are all about and how they are special for priests.

14:26 – With Palm Sunday yesterday, we’ll take a look at Holy Week, and give a day-by-day perspective on our liturgies, Mass readings, and themes.

20:52 – And then Fr. Michael Kerper will talk about questions that you might have, but never sought out answers.

Evangelization Challenge of the Week: Encourage people to download the Redeemer Radio App. (You can do that by searching “Redeemer Radio” in the iTunes or Google Play store

Prayer From Catholic.org:

Peter would deny Jesus three times, yet he would be forgiven. He would even go on to become the first pope of Jesus’ Church. Had Judas asked for forgiveness, he too would have been forgiven! As Pope Francis said, “The Lord never tires of forgiving us.” The truth is, we are the ones who grow tired. We tire of asking for forgiveness, or we assume we are not worthy. What a terrible assumption that is, because God sent his only son to die for our forgiveness! He would not have done this if we were unworthy.

Lord, I am worthy of your forgiveness. You created me to live with you forever. Please forgive my sins. I am truly sorry for what I have done and what I have failed to do. I ask you to forgive me, as I prepare for the return of your Son.

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