Podcast 211 – Parents Kathy Fech – Reading Run-Down – Musical Marys Role in Jesus Life Kelly Nieto

In this podcast:

0:57 Kathy Fech is back to talk with us about Catechesis and collaboration with Parents including some tips and resources to help parents like myself.

14:54 – We’ll do a quick run-through of this week’s readings from today to Sunday to look at some of the overall themes and journey we will see at Mass.

21:58 – And Kelly Nieto will talk about Mary’s Role in Jesus’ Life and a broadway-style musical that is touring

Prayer to Jesus:

You chose a people for your own,
to lavish love upon,
raise up prophets, priests and kings,
to be the nation through which
the Messiah would be revealed to the world,
and through whom your kingdom would come.
You chose this people gathered here
to be your children,
loved and blessed, forgiven
through the one who knew no sin,
the King of Glory whose crown was made of thorns,
and whose name we raise in worship.

Evangelization Challenge of the Week: Something First Communion Related

  • Tell someone about it of your first communion, tell a story
  • Share a picture of your first communion
  • Find out the date of your first communion

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