Podcast 234 – Magic and Demons Kathy Fech – New Priest Stats – Suffering and Joy Fr Robert Spitzer

When does magic become spiritually dangerous?
How can we find joy in suffering?

In this podcast:

0:58 Kathy Fech stops by to talk a little more about the darker side of “Magic” including things that might seem innocent, but are spiritually dangerous.

14:45 – We’ll take a look at some interesting statistics derived from a survey taken from 590 men who were ordained to the priesthood this year

21:17 – And Fr. Robert Spitzer will talk about the role of suffering in our life with his new book: Light Shines in Darkness

Scripture of the Week: From Sunday’s Mass  2nd Reading 2 Cor. 13:11

Brothers and sisters, rejoice.
Mend your ways, encourage one another,
agree with one another, live in peace,
and the God of love and peace will be with you.

Prayer: (a portion of) Be with Me Today, O Lord

May all I do today begin with you, O Lord.
Plant dreams and hopes within my soul,
revive my tired spirit:
be with me today.

May all I do today continue with your help, O Lord.
Be at my side and walk with me:
Be my support today.

May all I do today reach far and wide, O Lord.
My thoughts, my work, my life:
make them blessings for your kingdom;
let them go beyond today

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