Podcast 238 – New Show With Bishop Rhoades – Todays Catholic Stephanie Patka – Bishop Thrivia Thursday

How can I ask questions of my Bishop?
What is an acolyte?

In this podcast:

0:58 – We’ll sit down with Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades to talk about a special announcement and a way that you can ask him your questions

11:21 Stephanie Patka will stop by to give us a few highlights from the latest issue of Today’s Catholic including 11 new acolytes on their way to becoming permanent deacons.

24:18 – And of course, Thrivia Thursday is our chance to get 6 steps closer to being Catholic Geniuses… Bishop Edition!

Prayer for God’s Blessing of One’s Daily Work:

O Lord, my God,
Creator and Ruler of the universe,
it is Your Will that human beings accept the duty of work.
May the work I do bring growth in this life to me
and those I love and help to extend the Kingdom of Christ.
Give all persons work that draws them to You
and to each other in cheerful service.
I unite all my work with the Sacrifice of Jesus
in the Mass that it may be pleasing to You and give You
I beg Your Blessing upon all my efforts.
With Saint Joseph as my example and guide,
help me to do the work You have asked
and come to the reward You have prepared.

Saint Quote of the Week: “It is worse still to be ignorant of your ignorance.” – St. Jerome

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