Podcast 299 – Rejoice Retreat Sr Ann Shields – TOB Struggling Marriages Cindy Black – Thrivia Thursday

Why should we take a break for a retreat?
What can struggling marriages do?

In this podcast:

0:58 Sr. Ann Shields joins us to talk about an upcoming retreat for women, the Rejoice Retreat, and why it’s important that we take time for retreats like this

14:12 Cindy Black returns for more Theology of the Body Thursday as we discuss resources for struggling marriages and why we shouldn’t be ashamed to get help

27:49 – And Thrivia Thursday will be our opportunity to get six steps closer to being Catholic geniuses

Saint Quote of the Week: “One must see God in everyone.” -St. Catherine Laboure

Prayer for the Joy of Forgiveness

Heavenly father, through the obedience of Jesus, Who offered His Life in the service of all, help me with Your Kindness. Make me strong through the Eucharist. May I put into action the saving Mystery I celebrate in the Mass. Protect me with Your Love and prepare me for eternal happiness.

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