Podcast 300 – Party with Kyle’s Family – Catholic Hipster Handbook Tommy Tighe

What are some highlights from the past 299 episodes?
What does it mean to be a Catholic Hipster?

In this podcast:

We are celebrating 300 episodes of the Kyle Heimann show with donuts! With me to celebrate are a few of my family members who have been on the show before.

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  • Highlights mentioned:
    • Kyle’s Wife, Kate 189
    • The Deacons before ordination 226
    • The times Bishop has been on
      029: World Youth Day 2016 Pilgrimage
      066: Getting the Call to be Bishop
      069: The 2016 Election and What Catholics Need to Know About Being Faithful Citizens
      080: Making the Most of The Year of Mercy
      119: 12th Anniversary of His Ordination as a Bishop
      127: How to Prepare Us for Christmas
      137: Gaza, CRS, the Pope, the Election, and Martin Luther King Jr.
      147: Trip with Catholic Relief Services to the Middle East
      150: Celebration of Excellence in Catholic Education
      152: Refugees and Pilgrimage
      194: All About the Chrism Mass
      238: Special Announcement
    • Flavor of the Week episodes with Fr. Ben
      001: Flavor of the Week.Pt. 1-Guacamole
      006: Flavor of the Week Pt. 2-Talk of Some Ministries
      011: Flavor of the Week Pt. 3-Guacamole Showdown & Thoughts on Ministry
      016: Flavor of the Week Pt. 4-St Augustine Men’s Group – pornography
    • Edmund Mitchell
      001: Catechism and Scripture
      045: 4 Aspects of the Gospel
      078: Surprise Phone Call: Praying with the Bible and Catechism
    • Dr. Carter Snead
      017: Fortnight for Freedom and the Supreme Court’s Latest Ruling on Abortion Case
      153: Supreme Court Nomination of Judge Gorsuch
    • Fr. Hezekias Carnazzo
      088: The Importance of Reading Scripture
      102: The “New” Evangelization
      127: Genealogy of Jesus
      229: The Holy Spirit & Pentecost
    • Megan Swaim
      015: Faith-Filled Summer Activities for Kids
      020: Mini Pilgrimages with Your Family
      115: Adventing with Children
      220: Summer Stuff for Your Kids
      229: Graduation Gift Ideas
    • Fr. Burke Masters (Cubs) 104
    • Fr. Mike Schmitz (Batman) 036
    • Katie Prejean McGrady
      098: Highs and Lows of Natural Family Planning

We’ll share some of our favorite guests, things that we learned, and talk about tomorrow’s beatification of Fr. Stanley Rother – The first US-born martyr

23:05 – And Tommy Tighe – the Catholic Hipster will call in to talk about his new book, the Catholic Hipster Handbook

Prayer for Renew:

Glory to you,
O Lord our God,
Your love calls us to be your people.
By sharing our many and diverse gifts
we share in your mission.
We ask you, Lord,
to shape us into a community of faith.
Nourish us by your word and sacraments
that we may grow into the image of Jesus.
Through the power of your Holy Spirit,
heal us that we, in turn,
may heal the wounded.
Form us to be instruments of love,
justice, and peace in our land,
and send us to proclaim your saving work.

RENEW us, Lord,
that we may renew the face of the earth.


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