Podcast 360 – Seminarians – Fr Terry Coonan – Post Cupertino Classic

What happened at the Cupertino Classic?
Who was St. Joseph of Cupertino?

In this podcast:

I am live from the South Bend studio on campus of Little Flower Catholic Church. I came up here with two of our sons for the Cupertino Classic

Last night was the Cupertino Classic which is an annual, friendly but intense game of basketball between the diocesan seminarians and the priests

We have several of our Seminarians and Fr. Terry Coonan, post game to talk about the game

Saint Quote of the Week: 

Servants of God, set the example! Preach by actions more than by words. Actions penetrate the heart, words slip by and are gone. -St Joseph of Cupertino

The most certain way of obtaining any grace from God is holy indifference and a complete resignation to His most holy will. -St Joseph of Cupertino

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