Podcast 363 – 18 tips for 2018 – Difficult Conversations Kathy Fech – Godparenting

What can you do in 2018 to grow in faith?
How do we talk to kids about thinks like….

In this podcast:

0:58 – Have you given up on your New Year’s Resolution already? Looking for something new or different to help your faith journey this year?

We have ideas!

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  10. Learn something with Classes for Seniors (Hear more about the Forever Learning Institute in episode 167) – at Little Flower foreverlearninginstitute.org 
  11. Men, check out the Be-Dad-itudes by Dr. Greg Popcak (Hear Dr. Greg Popcak in episode 178)
  12. Struggle with Perfectionism? Getting Past Perfect by Kate Wicker (Hear Kate Wicker in episode 183)
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  17. Pray the Rosary more like Greg Willits said (Hear Greg Willits in episode 291)
  18. Read the Bible more – Get a good Catholic Bible (New OSV/Blessed Is She Journaling Bible) (Hear Jenna Guizar in episode 339)

14:54 Kathy Fech is back again, this time to talk about how to have difficult conversations with your kids about family and friends that don’t share your morals

28:55 – And we’ll take a look at Catholic Link’s 25 Ways to Be a Great Long-Distance Godparent

Joke of the Week: 

Can a kangaroo jump higher than a house?

Of course, a house doesn’t jump at all.

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