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Stories move us, and inspire us. Jumping off a 30 foot platform. The last time I tried a back-flip. Eating only beans and rice for lent. Seeing upside down. Scars. Marshmallows, running, getting pick-pocketed, the grand canyon, mopeds, ant poison . . . I have many stories to tell. In 2016 I am going to start a weekly blog. Right now I am committing to 52 blogs, one posted each week. These will be various stories and analogies that will allow me to explain my faith. My hope is that it is  ...

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You have arrived at the digital home of Kyle Heimann I am a passionately Catholic husband and dad. I travel the country playing music, entertaining, and speaking to youth and families. I am in two humor duos: Spork and Popple. I recorded a solo ukulele EP. I wrote some micro books which you can download free for now. And I do graphic design for Likable Art.   BLOG COMING SOON!

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